Featured Product: Bixbi Jerky

Hip and joint problems are common in older dogs, especially breeds with longer bodies like daschunds and corgis. 

Bixbi adds USA-sourced glucosamine chondroitin to delicious protein-rich jerky to keep your pet running and jumping longer. 

Chondroitin is commonly used in humans to help with arthritis pain. It rebuilds cartilage naturally and boosts tissue recovery.

Glucosamine is found in joints and cartilage, it acts as a cushion and joint lubricant. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and is also often used to treat arthritis in humans as well as pets.


Use these with your older pet for relief, or feed them to your younger guys to prevent problems later on! With three delicious flavours of chicken, beef, or salmon, your pet will love the taste, and you'll love seeing them happy and healthy.