First Aid Prep for your Dog

Going on an adventure? Add these items to your own human First Aid Kit so you know your best friend is covered too.

Portable water bowl

Often trails will have communal bowls, but when you're halfway up the mountain and your dog starts to pant a little too heavily, you'll be glad they have their own bowl to slurp out of!

There are a few different types on the market, our favourites collapse in some way:

  1. There's a Water Wallet, which folds up the smallest and comes with a handy clip. 
  2. Rubber pop-out bowls like these ones from Messy Mutt are easy to clean. 
  3. Dog water bottles let you store the water and serve it in one convenient bottle.
courtesy of RC Pets

courtesy of RC Pets

courtesy of Messy Mutt

courtesy of Messy Mutt

Bonzo checking out the Travel Water Bottle from Messy Mutt

Bonzo checking out the Travel Water Bottle from Messy Mutt

Wound salve

We all know it is important to clean a wound before covering it, that goes for animals as well as humans. 

We went over three of our favourite wound cleaning solutions in a previous post.

Vet wrap


Vet wrap is a key feature in any dog first aid kit. It is self-adherent tape that won't stick to skin or fur, and no need for any clips. It is porous so the wound can breathe while you apply pressure, and is flexible enough to fit around any of those odd angles.

For open wounds, you can use the cotton pads in your human first aid kit, and wrap it tightly with vet wrap to prevent blood loss. If you suspect a strain but can't find an open cut, the vet wrap can go directly on the limb to provide support. And yes, you can use vet wrap on yourself too!

Photo courtesy of primal

Photo courtesy of primal

High calorie treat

What is a hike without some trail mix? Your dog would also appreciate a mid-hike pick me up, or if you run into some unexpected delays, you'll want to have a backup meal for them. Two great options are:

  • Freeze dried nuggets like ones offered by Primal are super light and nutritious
  • "Energy bars" Tucker's Carnibar are pre-wrapped and easy to feed

Now we turn the conversation over to you! Do you keep any special items with you for those just-in-case moments?