Three Wounds Salves for your Pet

It is best to avoid human antibiotic ointments as your dog may lick their wound and ingest the strong chemicals.

Here are our favourite three options for all natural wound salves:


Colloidal Silver

Silver particles suspended in water bind to germs and prevent them from respirating or replicating.

Herbal Wound Spray

Certain essential oils are known to have health benefits, and this Wound Spray from Just About Pets packs four pet-friendly* natural antiseptics:

  1. Myrrh (also an anti-inflammatory)
  2. Lemon (also boosts immune system)
  3. Cypress
  4. Rose 

*please note that some essential oils such as tea tree oil can be damaging to dogs, look into any oils you will be diffusing near or applying to your animals!

Carnivora Miracle Dust

This powder is used as a drying agent for hot spots, but can also be applied to cuts and abrasions, or as a blood stopping agent when nail trimming. It contains minerals like Flower of Sulpher, also known as Brimstone, which have been used for centuries.