Oregapet Toothpaste

In keeping with Pet Dental Month, our new product highlight is a toothpaste!

This oregano oil paste from True Leaf Pets boasts natural antibacterial properties, a nice peppermint taste, and no fluoride.


Daily brushing is an important aspect of preventative dental care. Just like you brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease, your dog's mouth needs to be consistently cleaned of bacteria and plaque build up. The major difference between you and fido (beside the tail) is that dogs won't spit out the toothpaste, so it is even more important that their paste is natural.

If you don't have time to brush, or your dog is still getting used to having their mouth manipulated, you can just quickly wipe it onto their teeth, and still get the antibacterial benefits.

Note: oregano oil is not safe for cats, and this product is not human-grade, so please reserve Oregapet products for your canine companions!