Dog of the Month: Soda Chicken

Welcome to our first Dog of the Month!

Every month we’ll be publishing a short interview with one of our clients.

Our first comes from Jeff, who owns Soda Chicken with his wife Michelle. Thanks so much for being our first Dog of the Month, guys!

If you’d like to participate for the chance of winning a $25 gift card, visit our submission page here.


Tell us about your pet!

Our pets name is Soda Chicken. He is a 35lbs Labradoodle. He is 14 months old. He loves his pup and human pals very much. He has allergies but isn’t a picky eater. He’s a sensitive little guy who loves to snuggle.

What brought you to DD and what keeps you coming back?

Discover Dogs is conveniently across the street and has been recommended by everyone we’ve met locally with a pup. What keeps us coming back is that Soda drags us there on a daily basis. More than that, the DD staff is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, caring and always willing to help. As new dog owners we have had countless questions and concerns about Soda. DD has always helped us no matter what, no matter how silly the question may be. We cannot say enough kind words about the fine folks at Discover Dogs. We absolutely love them. 

What is the greatest thing you have learned at DD?

The greatest thing we’ve learned at DD is that we are the ones who need the training.