Dog of the Month: Juniper

March Dog of the Month

This month we’re hearing from Shiah, mom of lab mix Juniper and dog-cat hybrid Pasta. It’s been great to see her progression as the owner of a reactive dog, something which can often be overwhelming and lonely. Thanks for your trust in our training style and all your hard work for Juniper!

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Tell us about your pet!

Juniper is a 3 year old rescue with reactivity issues. She is a sensitive girl with lots of potential and is a big sweetheart but is still navigating the challenges of city life.

What brought you to DD, and what keeps you coming back?

 I first came to Discover Dogs in a state of panic, my new rescue dog had just been at the vet, skunked the night before, and was barking at every other dog in the store. Immediately they recognized that I needed some help and made me feel at ease and supported. I came back because of the support I get and the great knowledge and passion of everyone who works there. They are patient with me and my dog and have taken the time to really get to know us and make me (and of course Juniper) feel supported, accepted and not alone in navigating some very challenging issues.

What product or service has been a life changer?

The 1:1 coaching with Jake has been so helpful in so many ways, after trying a few different trainers I can't recommend him enough! The pack walks with Kat are also a life changer, because of Kat's expertise but also the community feeling that she creates - I never feel bad or judged to have the dog reacting when the other dogs do not, I feel supported and encouraged that everyone there understands or has been through it.

What is the greatest thing you have learned at DD?

Only one? I have learned that the experience of owning a rescue dog isn't exactly what I envisioned, but that it's ok and that I'm not alone and that sometimes you adapt the environment to help set up the dog for success but that a dog needs to fit into your life just as much.

Follow Juniper’s journey (and Pasta’s cuteness overload) on their Instagram account here!