Dog of the Month: Dexy

August Dog of the Month

Our August dog of the month is Dexy! This beautiful lady is a regular on our weekly pack walks, often leading the way. She gets very excited when seeing friends, and so is working on self control, but if she knows you, you can see that waggly tail from down the block!

Thanks so much for all the support, Lisa and Doris!

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How could you not adopt this face?

Tell us about your pet!

Dexy has received so many benefits from Discover Dogs. Thanks to your wealth of knowledge she has over come her brutal seasonal allergies, she has gotten better on her on-leash walks and is getting better at her greetings with new dogs.

What brought you to Discover Dogs, and what keeps you coming back?

The coaching initially brought us to DD. Then that transitioned to walks, and pet sitting and now for her food and supplements.

What product or service has been a life changer?

Raw food and supplements has helped her get off all of the awful allergy meds that she was taking.

What is the greatest thing you have learned at DD?

I don't think there is one actual thing that I can pick out of all of the truly wonderful, and life changing things we have learned through DD. Overall you are a great group of people that continue to set the bar really high for other companies as far as standards with health care and training for our beloved pets.