Dog of the Month: Kaya

June Dog of the Month

This month we’re hearing from Bruna, who last year adopted a timid but loving formosan named Kaya!

As she says below, Kaya came with quite a lot of fear, since then she is doing much better. It’s an ongoing journey but we are so happy to be part of Kaya’s recovery!

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How could you not adopt this face?

How could you not adopt this face?

Tell us about your pet!

Kaya is a Formosa Mountain dog who was found in Taiwan alone in the middle of the mountains. Thankfully the kind soul who found her took good care of her and put her for adoption. In March 2018, after a puppy fair from CooGo Rescue, we saw her photo on the binder and fell in love. Shortly after that, the paper work got completed and after a long flight, Kaya landed (not so smoothly) in our house!

What brought you to Discover Dogs, and what keeps you coming back?

DD is literally one block away from our house which is an easy sell, but what really makes us come back (many many times) is the support they gave un on Kaya's first days with us. She was extremely afraid of everything and we couldn't even take her out for pee so the whole staff of DD helped us with coaching, treat suggestion, classes, etc.

What product or service has been a life changer?

Puppy training was a huge life changer! I honestly don't think we would have a happy and confident(ish) dog without DD!

What is the greatest thing you have learned at DD?

No eye contact with skittish dogs and the power of the right training & treats!