Dog of the Month: Sage

May Dog of the Month

This month we’re hearing from Jen and Arwyn, moms to an amazing tiny chihuahua with big attitude: Sage! We’ve had the pleasure of caring for her in Pet Sitting, and see her often for nail trims. It’s great for us to see such a confident dog despite her tiny stature.

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Sage (4).png

Tell us about your pet!

Sage is an adorable goofball, 8 lbs of saucy attitude and bossiness. She loves cuddling in blankets on top of pillows on top of the couch. Her favourite game is “find it”, which involves her finding treats hidden throughout the house. Her next favourite thing is rolling in almost-dead worms. Ewww.

What brought you to DD, and what keeps you coming back?

We made a chance visit after we adopted Sage, met Tanya the first time and have loved her and all the DD staff ever since. Great service, friendly faces and knowledgeable staff keep us coming back.

What product or service has been a life changer?

Jake’s coaching (really, teaching US how to walk with a leash) and Tanya’s nutritional advice, helping us solve Sage’s allergies.

What is the greatest thing you have learned at DD?

Love one another, regardless of fur colour.

Follow Sage’s adventures on her moms Instagram account here and here!