Coaching & Classes





Tackle your dog training goals from the comfort of your home!

Our coach will come to you and give you personalized support



Initial Consultation $120/1.5hr
3 pack $270
single 1hr session$120

Video consultations $50/30 min $90/hr

Topics can include, but are not limited to: walking nicely on leash, off leash play, socialization, dog body language, healthcare desensitizing, and lifestyle consultations.

Each session is one hour long and takes place in the comfort of your home.*

Initial Consultations are required for all clients new to Discover Dogs.


*Additional driving fee of $1/min applicable for clients living outside Vancouver city limits.

Puppy Coaching

3 pack $250
Single 1hr session $90

Video consultations $50/30 min $90/hr

For dogs under 6 months. Learn how to house train, teach basic commands, and how to socialize your dog with other dogs safely. 

Each session is one hour long and takes place in the comfort of your home.*


*Additional driving fee of $1/min applicable for clients living outside Vancouver city limits.

Group Classes

Small class sizes and positive training.

We use positive reinforcement and promote a friendly learning environment for everyone


Puppy Classes

4 x 1hr sessions $120

Our small class size of four dogs per group allows you to get the most out of every session. Topics include: the foundation of basic obedience, the core commands, social interactions, and walking on leash.

Each class is one hour long, held at our store.

This is a family-friendly class! Bring

Contact us for upcoming dates!

Leash Manners

4 x 1hr sessions $120

An introductory course perfect for anyone looking to improve the quality of their daily walks!

This 4-week course teaches you how to teach your pup to walk nicely by your side, pay more attention to you and where you're going, sit politely while waiting for crosswalks and more. If either you or your pup feels that walking could be more fun and less of a tug-of-war of where to go next, this is the class for you!

Prerequisite: Puppy Class or Basic Obedience Training

Fun With Fido

Tricks Class

4 x 1hr sessions $120

Here come the party tricks! This just-for-fun class is all about engagement and enriching your relationship with your dog. This course gives you the tools & knowledge necessary to teach your pup every trick in the book + goes over classics like roll over, high-five, crawl and more!

Prerequisite: Puppy Class or Basic Obedience Training


On-Leash Boot Camp

Private walks with a Coach

Just a coach and your dog, getting it done!


Leash Manners

Meet and Greet: $120
Single walk: $90
Single Follow-Up coaching session: $120


1 Walk and a Follow-Up: $200
3 Walks and a Follow-Up: $345
5 Walks and a Follow-Up: $490

Looking to jumpstart your pup’s loose leash walking abilities? Private walks are the best way to do just that, allowing you the time to hone your skills on leash without having to worry about getting the message of "pulling is bad" across to your dog because they already know.

After every 1hr Walk, you will receive an email report from your Coach.

For best results, pair with enrolment in our Leash Manners class so you can double up on the learning, and ensure both you and your pup leave class lookin' like a pro!

To start, book a Meet and Greet. After this, you will be sent a private link to book the Private Walks and Follow-Up sessions. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a Package of 1, 3, or 5 walks followed by a Coaching session.

This is not for dogs who have on-leash reactivity issues, it is directed for dogs who need help focusing or learning how to heel.

Please note, success and maintenance in training goals depends on dog parents’ continuation of cues and techniques taught by the Coach. There is no guarantee of certain behaviours, though we do our best and welcome feedback at any time.

Meet Our Coaches

DSC01267 (1).JPG


Jake first started working with dogs and people throughout high school at the BCSCPA, teaching kids how to care for their pets.

When he and Tanya started their Walking business in 2005, they had success with training difficult dogs on walks, leading clients to request private Coaching sessions.

Since then, Jake has continued to learn new skills through seminars and self-education. At his core, Jake excels in teaching humans. He has a wealth of dog-training knowledge, but more importantly he can explain to you how, when, and why you should use these new tools.

Jake has experience training the basics, leash walking, house manners, recall, resource-guarding, reactivity, and separation anxiety.


  • Kujo Leash Aggression - Kathy Sdao, 2014

  • Pet First Aid - Pro Pet Hero, 2017

  • Animal Behaviour Science Symposium - BC SPCA, 2018



Kat started professionally training dogs as a walker for Discover Dogs in 2015. In her position as Senior Dog Walker, she worked with dogs to overcome reactivity to people, cars, other dogs and critters. She moved into teaching dog owners in Puppy Classes at Discover Dogs, and has since been Coaching clients one-on-one in separation anxiety, reactivity, on-leash skills, and recall.

Kat loves working with first time dog owners to help them create a positive relationship with their new pet. She’s also one our of in-store Healthcare Providers, giving weekly nail trims and nutritional advice.

Kat can help you with basic commands, leash skills, recall, on-leash reactivity, and healthcare desensitizing.


  • Pet First Aid - Pro Pet Hero, 2017

  • Animal Behaviour Science Symposium - BC SPCA, 2018

  • Animal Behaviour Science Symposium (Humane Husbandry) - BC SPCA, 2019

28125311_10102118942704027_411952428_o (1).jpg


With dogs, there are no shortcuts. What you put in is what you get out, but there are few things in this world more validating than committing to changing your relationship with your dog, putting in the work, seeing the results and being able to think to yourself "I did that!"

Holly began professionally training dogs at 19 and has never looked back, nor will she ever. She hopes you'll join her on her journey to understand and care for our fuzzy friends to the best of our abilities. Everybody deserves to have a rich, fulfilling relationship with their dog, and Holly's here to help get us there.

Holly can help you with training the basics, leash walking, house manners, recall, advanced obedience, tricks, resource guarding, healthcare desensitizing and other fear-related behaviours.

  • DTIP - Petco, 2013

  • Dog Training Foundations - Karen Pryor Academy, 2015

  • Puppy Start Right for Instructors - Karen Pryor Academy, 2015

  • Animal Behaviour Science Symposium, 2018 

  • Animal Behaviour Science Symposium, 2019