Pet Sitters


Heather Buck

Heather has been with Discover Dogs for over 3 years!

Heather was born and raised in sunny Sacramento, California where she grew up around all sorts of animals such as birds, cats, rats, snakes, dogs and chinchillas. A veritable zoo! Much to her parents dismay, she took in strays of all varieties during her childhood. She was around dogs for all of her childhood, as her parents bred and raised Labrador Retrievers. Her favorite of the menagerie was her goofy Great Dane, Maverick, who was a constant companion throughout her teenage years. Heather had always dreamed of working with animals.

Heather moved north to Eugene, Oregon in 2004 where she attended the University of Oregon and received her degree in Psychology with a minor in Business. With her focus on mental health, she moved north again to Portland, Oregon where she worked as a mental health counselor for dual diagnosis schizophrenic clients in a lock down facility for just over a year. She came to Vancouver over a weekend with friends where she met her current partner and decided to move north yet again.

After a year of lawyers and interviews with customs agents, Heather became a permanent resident in Vancouver and decided to once again pursue her passion of working with animals. She found Discover Dogs to be the perfect fit.


Sam Stade

Sam has been with discover dogs since september 2018

Samantha Stade received a Bachelor of Art and Science with a major in Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan in the spring of 2017. She then spent a year working with a non-profit home visiting program supporting families with children who have developmental delays.

Samantha moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2018 as she always wanted to be in the mountains and on the ocean. She now works at an Independent School as a Learning Specialist.

Her six year old Westie, Spark, has been on many adventures and loves Vancouver as well. They fostered dogs with Bright Eyes Dog Rescue in Saskatchewan and enjoy having furry guests in their home!


Chelsea & Janay Saxton

chelsea and janay HAve BEEN WITH DISCOVER DOGS FOR over 7 YEARS!

Chelsea is now a member of the Discover Dogs Alumni! A retired Smooth Operator who's knowledge and dog handling skills are now being applied to Pet Sitting your furry ones in the comfort of her home. After 5 years with Discover Dogs she is now working for a fast growing property management company in Vancouver.

Chelsea, her wife Janay, and their Lab cross Big Mack, use boundaries, patience and positive reinforcement to help dogs of all ages feel safe while away from home.

The Saxtons are taking a little break from sitting as they get accustomed to their newest addition to the family. Welcome to the world, DJ!

House Sitters


Tiffany Wong

Tiffany has been with discover dogs since January 2019

Tiffany was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Although she didn't grow up with dogs or other animals, she has always wanted to be a pet parent. This finally happened when she adopted her second foster dog, Pyper - a stray found in California. Since then, Tiffany and her partner have fostered 8 other dogs of varying ages and personalities, and have had a few dog-sitting clients outside of Discover Dogs. She also worked at a dog care facility while studying Interior Architecture.

Tiffany enjoys hiking and camping in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter - all activities that she includes Pyper (and any other dog in her care) in as much as possible. 

Pyper is a calm and friendly senior dog. She is a loving sister to Lil B, the cat (aka boss) of the house. She spends most of her days lazing on her many dog beds and waiting for her next meal.


Kennedy Makarowski


Kennedy is 21 years old and was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, before recently moving out to Vancouver for a change in scenery and to further pursue her goal to work with and for animals as a career. Kennedy's good friend and companion Joey, a 12 year old cocker spaniel/poodle cross, still resides in Edmonton. Kennedy holds Joey responsible for giving her such compassion and love towards all animals.

Kennedy's first experience working with animals was back in Edmonton where she worked as an animal care attendant at a pet kennel/shelter, and she immediately knew that working for animals was her passion. After taking a semester at the University of Alberta in Specialized Animal Biology, Kennedy realized she wasn't quite ready to be trapped under studying and essays, and decided to take some time off to get further experience training and working hands-on with dogs.

Since Discover Dogs ended their Walking services in December 2017, Kennedy started her own walking business with Micah.


Kenn MacDonald


Kenn was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He moved to the East Coast of Canada when he was 7 and to the West Coast when he was 16. He now happily resides in East Vancouver where he works full time for Parallel 49. In his spare time he enjoys spending time hanging out with friends and exploring the city and what beautiful BC has to offer. Hiking, biking, or boarding are his main pass times.

He recently adopted long-time client Gerry the Boston.