Jake and Tanya Giammarino

Directors & Coaches

Tanya got her start working in vet clinics both in Calgary and Vancouver. After seeing the same dogs month after month for the same ailments Tanya developed a strong passion for preventative health care. As a result nutrition, grooming and health care become a corner stone of the company. These days Tanya is all over the place at Discover Dogs, helping with staff training and development, having her hand in the books and doing shifts in the store. When she's not in the store Tanya loves to cook, get out for walks and play with her two rugrats, Chuck and Huck.

Jake got his start with animals working at the SPCA Summer Day camps teaching kids to care for their pets. While doing this Jake also began to take an interest in psychology while attending UBC. It seemed like a natural fit for Jake to take his passion for animals and psychology and turn it towards teaching humans how to teach their pets.

While Jake loves seeing the dogs he works with progress he tends to get more jazzed up about seeing people develop new skills and better communication with their dogs. Jake has a specific knack for teaching calm energy projection in the rehabilitation of canine social skills, and shares this knowledge with our team. He has exceeded boundaries with his dog, Mickey, who now gets to enjoy off leash time in all of his favorite spots because of the trust and communication they have taught one another. When he's not training dogs Jake loves to cook, listen to music and wrestle with the 2 little ones. 


Hannah Golding



Born and raised in Calgary, Hannah moved the West Coast for a BFA from the University of Victoria, where she met her wife Kat. After graduating and getting hitched, the two along with Garbonzo, their rescue terrier, mix moved to Vancouver for a taste of the Big City.

Since she can remember, Hannah had been asking her parents for a dog. Years of persistent requests, pleading, research on breeds and care, finally all amounted to… “still no.” So when she moved away, Hannah vowed to adopt a furry friend on her own. Luckily, she met Kat who shared her love for animals, and now Hannah is the one who has to say “no” to every adoptable pup Kat shows her. Garbonzo will have to be an only child for now! Until then, Discover Dogs is fulfilling their need to help improve the lives of our four-legged companions!

Hannah recently completed a certificate program in Communication Design at BCIT. In her spare time she likes to cook, draw, and watch The Office for the 100th time.


Natalie Swenarchuk



As a teen, Natalie had many animals, volunteered at her local vet and worked at a pet store for her very first job. Since her interests diversified, she gained a BA in fine art in London and has previously worked in retail, branding, marketing product design, production and business development. Natalie recently rescued Penny the Ibizan Hound and the two are 'inseparable'. (Penny has separation anxiety and yes... they are working on it!)

Discover Dogs is the most inspiring group of people with an astounding range of talents and knowledge. It is a pleasure to work towards improving human dog relationships through genuine holistic care.



Kat Thompson

retail clerk, HEALTHCARE PROVIDER, & COACH in training


Raised in Costa Rica, Kat developed an immense love for animals of all shapes and sizes while living in the rainy (even more rainy than Vancouver!) central valley and the dry temperate regions of the pacific coast. With bizarre pets ranging from lizards and mice to snakes and sloths, Kat learned a lot about the relationship between humanity and the amazing creatures we share this earth with.

Having moved every two years of her life, Kat found that her childhood best friend, a neurotic, retired, racing Greyhound named Cleo, was her only real staple in life and began her life long habit of collecting and rehabilitating injured and unwanted Costa Rican street dogs. Kat spent a year working in a small Costa Rican shelter learning about veterinary practices and caring for the animals which led her to decide that no matter where life takes her she would always work with dogs.

After completing an BA in Creative Writing and Political Science at the University of Victoria Kat married her lovely wife Hannah on August 22nd 2015 and they relocated to this overwhelming albeit beautiful city. They are beyond excited to start exploring the trails and beaches with Garbonzo, their wire-haired terrier mix from Costa Rica. 


Katie Rempel

Retail Clerk

Katie grew up loving the natural world and every animal she encountered. Luckily, she had obliging parents and always had a dog or two in the house. She did test their patience though when she decided she actually wanted to be a dog and started running on all fours. In grade four. At school. A deal was made: you can pretend to be a dog in the house, and in the house only. As she got older Katie helped with raising and teaching the family dogs.

While taking a break from Cardiology nursing Katie decided to work with animals at a large Vancouver dog daycare. She was hooked; there was no looking back. The skills she learned allowed her to provide her own dog Rockefeller with a happier, more balanced life and Katie was passionate about bringing that experience to her clients. Katie found it incredibly rewarding to learn from the dogs and to encourage their positive behaviours in a social environment.

Katie is always looking for the next thing she can learn in the dog world and is thrilled to be a part of the Discover Dogs team.


Holly Chen


Dogs are simple. People are complicated. Holly helps bridge the language barrier between the species and bring us closer to our canine companions through improving our relationship with them.

A Los Angeles Native, Holly grew up in a house full of pets - from fish to reptiles, to birds, to just about every fuzzy creature you could think of. There was never a moment in her life when she wasn’t surrounded by animals, and at a young age she decided that's just the way she liked it. Having been raised by a Mensa-qualified single mother, Holly was always encouraged and expected to seek out and develop her passions and skills. This manifested itself as a passion for puzzles and an obsession with understanding how and why things work. Moving forward, those same passions have lent themselves quite well to Holly's pursuit of continuing education in the field of canine behavior and welfare. 

When she isn't playing with puppies for a living, Holly can usually be found cooking up a storm with her partner, wandering through the woods, or tinkering with household objects in an attempt to turn them into a fun toy for her Miniature Schnauzer, Neville.