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What You'll Find in Store


Local, low ingredient treats

A "treat" doesn't need to be unhealthy! Give your dogs what they want, while giving their body something it needs.

Engagement toys

Keep your pet entertained and stimulated with treat-dispensing and puzzle toys!

Nutritional advice

Our highly educated staff can help you create the perfect diet plan for your pet.


Safe, effective and friendly hardware

We carry local brands, positive-progressive training tools, and high quality goods.

Alternatives to kibble

Raw food, dehydrated, and freeze-dried food are great options to keep your dog healthy!

Educated and passionate staff

We are here to be your support system. Come in with any question and you'll find a smiling face, ready to have a conversation. 


We carry cat supplies  too!


Education is Key

Perhaps the biggest thing that makes our store stand out is our passion for empowering dog owners through knowledge.

We want to share our experience with you and provide you information that enables you to make an educated and informed decision about what you feed your pet and what you do to stimulate and look after your pet.

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