The development of a balanced dog is our constant goal.

It helps to envision what a balanced dog looks like:

They're calm and their mind is at ease. They don't appear stressed or on alert. They are rested and full of nutritious and healthy food. They may be walking around but they’re not pacing or following you from room to room. They may be looking out the window but they are not obsessing on squirrels or the mailman.

At Discover Dogs, we believe you can create this for your dog through focusing on the following:

The Basics

It is imperative that you are able to, generally, ask your dog to do stuff and they will do it. While we teach the basics (look, sit, come, down, stay), our focus is on the ability to communicate effectively with your dog. This involves, we as humans, being clear in our commands and body language. Equally important is teaching your dog the skill of how to engage a human, how to figure out what it is we are asking of them and, in turn, how to communicate what they want from us.

Lifestyle Management

As wild animals living in our world, it is important that we provide the best care we can for our dogs. This includes giving them access to healthy and nutritious food, appropriate healthcare and grooming and maintaining their mental and physical health. We believe that, just like humans, the needs of our dogs evolve as they age. Our goal is to stay ahead of the game by paying attention to changes in our dogs and using preventative and holistic measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our pets.

Stimulation and Leadership

Our philosophy is that every dog has a certain amount of physical and mental stimulation they require daily in order to remain balanced. An average dog needs about an hour of exercise a day. But they also need a certain amount of socializing with other dogs, chewing, grooming, engagement, socializing with humans, chasing, running and walking. A healthy dog should have all these needs met.