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With the guidance and mentorship of our director Tanya, our health care team is ready to help! 

We provide nail trims, tooth and ear cleanings, body checks, and nutritional advice.

We know your pet's health is important to you, so we talk you through everything we do, and explain why we're doing it. Had trouble with nail trims in the past? All of our staff is experienced in positive-progressive dog training, and will work to desensitize them to health care. We keep track of each visit so that we can be consistent and track progress. 


Minimum $15 for 10 min

Every additional minute is $1

additional staff member to hold for nail trims $1/min



Fridays and Saturdays


No appointment necessary

Private Healthcare

Lifestyle & Wellness Consultation With Tanya Giammarino

Either in person or over video chat.

Can include: nail trim and desensitizing, ear clean, paw and coat maintenance, diet and nutritional information, general wellness and lifestyle guidance.


$50/30 min


Add Onto Services

Preventative Healthcare

during any service - Free

A trained dog handler will provide 10 minutes of attention: cleaning the coat, teeth brushing, and overall body check for potential health concerns (cuts, lumps, infections).


Tune Up

After a Walk - $30
With 8+ Walks/month - Free
During an Overnight Stay - $20

A healthcare provider will perform a nail trim, ear clean, teeth brush, body check and provide a report card on our findings.


Brush Out

After a walk - $30
With 8+ Walks/Month - Free (substitute a Tune Up)
additional brush time - $20/15 min

Includes de-matting, de-shedding, brush out and general coat maintenance.



During an Overnight stay - $40

Bath & Brush Out

During an Overnight stay - $60