Halloween at Discover Dogs!

Get in the spooky spirit with rabbit ears, duck feet, venison faces - oh my!


October 21-31:

  • Do a Trick - get 50% off your Treats!

  • Any dogs wearing a costume in store
    get one free treat!

  • (yes we have a bin of costumes for you to try!)




Our Store

Education is key to a happy and healthy pet!

Come in and ask us about our variety of unique and local items including: mentally stimulating toys, limited ingredient treats, nutritious dry food alternatives, stylish and functional hardware, and helpful housewares.

We even have weekly healthcare hours between 10-2 Friday and Saturday, dedicated to nail trims, body checks, eye and ear health, and detox support.


701 Kingsway, Vancouver

Retail: 604-428-DOGS
Services: 778-228-7458


Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am-6pm
Stats: closed

Healthcare hours

Friday-Saturday: 10am-2pm




For everything from a night of Pet Sitting, to working through reactive behaviours, our team is here to help.

Our staff go through an extensive training program, and continued education. We teach positive and progressive training methods, and every service is tailored to your pet's needs. 

For information on services, call 778-228-7458 or email info@discoverdogs.ca


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